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At Sagebrush Health, our goal is to provide accessible and comprehensive sexual health services to individuals, families, and communities nationwide, with a strong emphasis on health equity. We recognize that healthcare disparities disproportionately affect vulnerable populations, particularly those communities experiencing institutional, systemic, and structural barriers. We are committed to ensuring equal access to care, eliminating health disparities, and promoting social justice in healthcare.

Understanding that community-engaged health improvement is a long-term and continually adaptive process, we are dedicated to evolving with the needs of our patients and the communities we serve. Staying current with the ever-changing dynamics of HIV, AIDS, sexually transmitted diseases, and viral hepatitis, our clinical staff continually adapts to scientific, programmatic, and medical advancements. We also employ new approaches to eliminate new infections and improve the health and well-being of all our patients, regardless of their background or social determinants of health.

Sagebrush Health believes that access to comprehensive sexual health services is a fundamental right. We are dedicated to providing care that is culturally competent, patient-centered, and addresses the unique needs of each individual, especially those facing financial barriers. We offer free STD testing, PrEP Pre-exposure, PEP Post-exposure prophylaxis, and copay coverage for medications to patients who are unable to afford it.

With specialty care clinics operating in Nevada, Connecticut, and South Carolina, we collaborate with public health agencies and community organizations across all three states to address health inequities and expand our reach. We work to engage with communities through deliberate, structured, and emerging best practice procedures, containing and preventing the spread of STIs and HIV/AIDS, and linking uninsured and underinsured clients to medical coverage appointments.

Our commitment to addressing the systemic challenges to healthcare access, begins with our staff. Sagebrush Health employs individuals who facilitate linkages to other community resources and likeminded partners . This helps to alleviate challenges and ensure our patients receive the support they need. Our vision is to make specialty healthcare services accessible and equitable for communities and populations nationwide, achieved through our unwavering commitment to evolving with the needs of our patients and providing empathetic, comprehensive care to all, regardless of their circumstances.

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