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At Sagebrush Health, our goal is to ensure that sexual health services are accessible and easy to understand, regardless of where you live. We understand that the world of healthcare can be challenging to navigate, and we’re on a mission to make it more equitable. We keep ourselves informed about the latest developments in HIV, AIDS, STIs, and viral hepatitis, and are dedicated to stopping these infections. Offering complimentary testing and covering treatment costs, we believe that financial constraints should never prevent anyone from receiving the care they deserve. Our mission is simple: to ensure that everyone, everywhere, can access the specialty healthcare they need.

Our Services

STI & HIV Testing

We offer comprehensive, free, and confidential STD testing in our office locations and through telehealth visits

Hepatitis C Testing

In person and community services offered through numerous outreach events

STI, HIV, Hep-C Treatment

STI Treatment available through our partner pharmacies with mail-order available directly to your home

Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) Services

HIV Prevention (PrEP) medication available through telehealth or in-person appointment

Post Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP) Services

We offer quick turnaround to ensure you are seen within 72 hours

Education and Community Outreach

Maximizing Outreach and Access is one of our foundational approaches

Medication Assistance Program

Financial support to help patients gain access to expensive medication.

Sagebrush is committed to helping ensure STI medication is available to our patients, so the patients can focus on their treatment journey. Assistance is provided to patients with the prescription drugs used in the treatment of chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis  conditions as well as for PrEP and PEP. The Patient Medication  Assistance Program (PMAP) provides financial assistance to patients to help cover the cost of their medications.

Qualifying actions are required by patients to participate in the Patient Medication Assistance Program (PMAP)

Recent Events

Our Team

At Sagebrush we celebrate diversity and foster an inclusive environment where everyone's voice is valued. Our team consists of industry professionals from a wide variety of backgrounds in healthcare with a passion for providing quality care.

Guru Charan

Cofounder and CEO

Dr. Rajesh Sonani

Cofounder and President

Jami Dybik

Vice President

Darshan Patel

Medical Director

Chelsea Baria

Vice President, Financial Controller

Rodbel Rodriguez

Director of West Coast Operations

Robin Dukes

Director of East Coast Operations

Heather Urie

Clinical Director of Grants

Jackie Arizmendi

Senior Director of Pharmacy Solutions

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