Sagebrush Health Org

Girish Kaimal

VP – Business Operations

Girish is an accomplished healthcare executive who has consistently delivered exceptional results in the medical industry. Over the course of a decade, he has achieved impressive financial growth and high client retention rates, all while skillfully managing a substantial pharmacy drug budget. Girish's experience also includes overseeing more than 3000 beds, prioritizing operational excellence and regulatory compliance. His approach to healthcare is marked by a dual focus on both patient care and business operations. Girish prioritizes both clinical and financial aspects of healthcare, with a strong dedication to health equity. He is committed to providing value to both C-suite leaders within the organization and the wider community by ensuring equal access to quality healthcare services. Girish is actively involved in tackling disparities in healthcare delivery and improving outcomes for underserved populations. Throughout his career, Girish has maintained a steadfast commitment to community focused, patient-centric care, ensuring that the well-being and needs of patients remain at the forefront of all decision-making processes.